15 Signs That You Are an Ambivert

Martha Lueck
2 min readMar 9
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
  1. Sometimes you love people.
  2. Other times, you can’t stand them.
  3. You can’t always decide whether you want to go out or stay inside.
  4. You enjoy doing things by yourself.
  5. But after a while, you wonder what you’re missing.
  6. You value your time with a small group of friends.
  7. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone excites you.
  8. Other times, trying new things becomes overwhelming.
  9. Introverts often assume that you are an extrovert.
  10. Extroverts often assume that you are an introvert.
  11. You can excel at a customer service job.
  12. But you sometimes feel drained after work.
  13. You don’t always understand yourself.
  14. Your extroverted and introverted friends don’t always understand you.
  15. But that is okay because you are unique!

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