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Martha Lueck
4 min readDec 20, 2022
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Yesterday, I published a story about 100 thoughts. This time, I wrote 50 thoughts in one sitting. Enjoy!

  1. After watching TV and listening to music, I thought of something.

2. Cartoons from the 90s were the shit!

3. Some of my favorites included Rugrats, Recess, Rocket Power, and Doug!

4. Oh, and you know what else? Disney shows and movies! Two of my favorite shows were Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven.

5. Okay, those were from the early 2000s.

6. Smart Guy and Sister, Sister were from the 90s.

7. Since I was born in 1990, I obviously don’t remember the entire decade.

8. But I definitely remember those shows.

9. Nowadays, children will never understand what life was like before cell phones.

10. It used to take effort to hang out with people.

11. And a lot of patience if you only had one phone line.

12. When I was in fourth grade, my neighbor threw a plastic bowling pin through another neighbor’s window.

13. My little siblings and I got in trouble for it, anyway.



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