7 More Questions with 50-Word Answers

Martha Lueck
3 min readOct 30, 2023
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A few weeks ago, I published a 50-word answer challenge. It was such a fun exercise to create! So I’m making another one with 7 questions this time.

Of course, you do not have to answer every question if they make you uncomfortable.

Describe your life with the first word that comes to mind. Explain why you chose that word.

Right now, my life is stressful. I work in retail. With the holidays coming up, I am extremely nervous about rude customers tearing up the store and giving employees shit for no reason. I’m stress eating just thinking about the madness.

Come up with words or sentences using the letters KWIPROLMAEFTSHDGUYN. You can repeat letters.

  • I like to write weird stories.
  • I left out three super important letters.
  • It’s too early for this.
  • Prom was awesome!
  • I like to eat steak.
  • All of my dreams are odd.
  • I see a lot of horror films.
  • Please, use proper grammar. Grammarly will help with that.

What are your views on gym memberships?

Twelve years ago, I loved my gym membership. That was back when I enjoyed running. Also, the customer service was decent.

Nowadays, I still like having a membership because the gym is right by my house. Plus, when I can find the motivation, I like to do the ellipticals.

Come up with a short story where two strangers talk for the first time.

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Matt and Crystal first saw each other at a club, but they were both in relationships. Two days later, their relationships ended. Two days after that, they saw each other at a restaurant and started talking. They clicked right away. The rest is history.

Write a conversation between two dogs.



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