A Hopeful Escape

A poem inspired by a plane ride to Colorado

Martha Lueck
2 min readAug 22, 2023
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I packed my bags with wonder and relief.
Couldn’t wait to leave Illinois
and go on an adventure
that my angst begged me to take
to escape the stress from typical days.

I left my problems at the baggage claim.
I flew away from all the drama.
Flew away to find some peace
and feed my hungry soul
with something I had rarely done before.

As the plane lifted off the ground,
I felt lighter, happier,
and more hopeful than I had been in a while.
I felt hopeful to find myself again
and find more joy in life.

Seeing the clouds pass the plane
over, under, and side to side,
high up above the world below
reminded me there’s so much more
to life that I have yet to explore.

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Martha Lueck

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