A Troubled Marriage

The first two scenes of a screenplay

Martha Lueck


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Dr. Jacobson: A 53-year-old therapist specializing in individual and couples’ therapy

Adam: A 42-year-old accountant with depression and a traumatic upbringing

Sarah: A 40-year-old teacher with undiagnosed depression and a traumatic upbringing

Scene 1: The middle of a therapy session in Dr. Jacobson’s office

Dr. Jacobson: Did you do your assignment from last week?

Adam: I’m sorry. What was the assignment?

Dr. Jacobson: You were going to tell Sarah that you are grateful for her. You were going to thank her when she did something kind.

Adam: *Buries his head in his hands and weeps* Oh, that’s right. I tried to do that after our session last week. Sarah made dinner for me. Before I could thank her, she said something that…just…set me off.

Dr. Jacobson: What did she say?

Adam: She said, “Maybe if someone else could cook dinner for once, I wouldn’t have to.” She said it like I wasn’t even there.

Dr. Jacobson: *Hands Adam a box of Kleenex* That must have hurt, Adam. I can see why it would have been difficult for you to thank her.

Adam: Yeah. It reminded me of my awful mother, always criticizing me for my depression. Sarah knows about my family background. She knows that comments like that are triggers for me.

Dr. Jacobson: *Looks at his notes* This has happened several times before. And it seems to happen after you get home from work.

Adam: Yeah, and I’m always stressed out! I have so many clients. And then my boss wants me to stay later to finish filling out paper work. Sarah is stressed out, too. I know that. And you’ve said this before. People make mistakes.

Dr. Jacobson: Is she seeing a therapist for her stress?

Adam: *Rolls his eyes* No. She doesn’t think she needs it. But I know she does.

Dr. Jacobson: Hmm…is she supportive of you seeing a therapist?

Adam: She thinks it’s good that I’m seeking help. But she said that if things don’t improve, I need to change…



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