Inattentive ADHD at the Gym

Apparently, the gym stimulates my mind more than my body.

Martha Lueck
2 min readDec 26, 2021


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Some people do their most creative thinking in the shower. Not me. I do my most creative thinking while I’m running on the elliptical at the gym! It sounds wonderful because it feeds my passion. But it sucks when it happens at the gym because that’s when I want to get out of my head!

During my elliptical runs, I try to listen to music or watch funny shows on the built-in TV. But all of a sudden, I start thinking of story ideas. Then I feel this overwhelming need to stop my workout and transfer all my thoughts onto my phone before I forget them.

When I write my thoughts, they eventually form a long story that takes 10 minutes to write. Then 20 to 30 minutes pass, and I don’t have time to work out as long as I had planned. But that’s okay because my body gets a little bit of a workout while my mind runs AN ENTIRE MARATHON!!!

During my workout last week, I was watching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (one of my favorite shows from the ‘90s). But out of the blue, I started thinking about the stand-up comedians I watched that week — Drew Lynch, Samuel J. Comroe, and Scott Losse. Those guys are so inspirational because they laugh about their disabilities. During my workout, I thought…Those guys are so entertaining! I should do sit-down comedy by making videos in my bedroom. I can talk about my struggles, like my struggle with Inattentive ADHD (commonly known as ADD) while writing this story at the gym.

Usually, I take time to edit my stories to make them more concise and organized. But not this one. This story is a perfect example of my thought process with Inattentive ADHD.

So, ladies and gentlemen…I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my messy mind. I am going to write funny stories and make videos. When I start a YouTube channel, I will share the link with you guys. Until then, check out the links below for some laughs.

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