Beyond Our Dreams

And Into the Reality of Daylight

Martha Lueck


Photo by Yohann Lc on Unsplash

True love’s perfect kiss —

a lifelong, never changing embrace.

Calm childbirths with stress-free upbringings

Predictable and consistent lives,

yet full of life and never boring

In our dreams —

our most pleasant dreams

that we expect will become reality.

But our real lives aren’t always so simple.

We are not meant to know our future,

but we are to watch it unfold.

We are to enjoy the pleasantries

that our sweet slumbers behold.

Maybe our pleasant dreams are memories

of past tranquilities —

reminders that there are moments of peace

amidst real life’s disparities.

Or maybe they are symbols of hope

for happy surprises and desires come true

in due time, and in their own way.

But with or without our dreams come true,

with or without our fulfilled expectations,

we can find beauty in rare, happy moments.

Then there’s another side to the subconscious —

the dark side…

Traumas that we may have overcome

and never expected to face again.

Or things that might be new experiences —

things that we have always feared,

or fears that we never expected to have.

Perhaps these experiences are not meant to be

the realities that we fear they will become.

Rather, they might be good reminders

that we have awakened from these nightmares.

We have fought the darkness of our subconscious.

Perhaps surviving the night

is a sign of our strength, courage, and patience.



Martha Lueck

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