Five Things to Do Before You Submit Your Writing

Martha Lueck
6 min readMay 26, 2021

Tips to help you ace an essay or publish your best work

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Whether you are writing a story for work, school, or an online publication, high-quality work takes time and dedication. Your first draft could take several days or weeks. Perhaps you will feel tempted to publish this draft before editing so that you won’t have to worry about it anymore. But trust me when I say that submitting your writing too soon is a mistake. Rushing the process could lead to spelling and grammatical errors, factual inaccuracy, confusing messages, or accidental plagiarism. To submit your best writing, here are five things I recommend doing first.

Write a clear message

When you write any story, you need to know the purpose behind your writing and the message you will send. For instance, I wrote a story about my mental health issues in my twenties and what I learned after seeking treatment. I wrote my story with a conversational tone. It was clear that I wanted to connect with readers who were thinking about seeking mental health treatment. I assured them that there was nothing wrong with seeking help. I also promoted mental health awareness. By including the appropriate keywords in my title, the message was clear from the start.

Some messages are easier to convey than others. For instance, writing technical pieces you know nothing about requires a lot of research. It can be hard to figure out where you want to start. Gathering all the information before you begin writing is essential for your understanding. Only then will you be able to craft a story that your readers will understand.

For complex stories, having an outline will help you see all the possible messages to send. You can then decide to omit or add as many points as you see fit. Your writing will eventually become organized and clear.

Plan out your writing and editing process

Do you struggle to meet tight deadlines? If so, the pressure to submit your work quickly could lead to mistakes. So having a plan is crucial for consistent productivity and punctuality. To make this simple, think about the times when you feel motivated and clear-minded. Marking down these times for writing will help you write effectively. Find…



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