Four-Line Poems

Martha Lueck
2 min readAug 7, 2022
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Usually, my poetry consists of several lines and stanzas with an equal number of syllables. This time, I am going to share some poems with four lines each. They are in a 1–5–5–9 syllable pattern.

Poem 1: Life

Full of ups and downs
A timeline of events and lessons

Poem 2: Breathe

Inhale and exhale
Deep and shallow breaths
Oxygen in and out of your lungs

Poem 3: School

Teacher, student, class
Pencil, paper, desk
Computer, lesson, test, assignment

Poem 4: Food

Veggies, fruit, protein
Chocolate, candy, cake
Nutritious, unhealthy, delicious

Poem 5: Run

Move at a fast pace
Increase your heart rate
Compete in a race, and win first place

Thank you for reading these poems! If you enjoyed them, check out some more of my poetry below.

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