Three of My Dreams

And My Interpretations of Them

Martha Lueck


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They say that dreams can occur when your mind processes repressed emotions or traumatic events. Or they could just be your subconscious’ way of recalling conversations or encounters you had during the day. Sometimes they have a deeper meaning; other times, they don’t mean anything significant.

Whatever the case may be, I find dreams fascinating. They can be completely random and weird. They can also be positive or negative, triggering a wide spectrum of strong emotions: shame, devastation, confusion, joy, relief, etc. Most people don’t remember their dreams. I remember some of mine pretty vividly. Here are three of my dreams and my interpretations of them.

Befriending a Fish-Human

After a therapy appointment, another patient that I knew in real life wanted to give me his fish. He was desperate to get rid of it because the fish was…just wild. Sometimes it was violent. Of course, I was terrified and conflicted. Why would I want to take care of a violent fish? Yet, how could I say no to this patient who was one of my friends?

I agreed to take the fish home with me. I kept him in a small tank. During my walk home with him, he started talking to me, thanking me for his freedom. He just wanted to be outside!

Then he levitated toward the sky and started flying. He got pretty high into the air, and then he floated down. As he landed, he transformed into a human.

As we got to know each other, he became kinder and calmer. Sometimes we flew together. Other times, he embraced his life as a fish and then jumped out of his tank to turn back into a human. We became really good friends.

My Interpretation

When I encounter a new person or situation, I often judge them right away. That person is annoying or abusive; that opportunity sounds too hard or boring.

But the truth is that first impressions aren’t always right. People have both good and bad qualities. They are capable of change. Sometimes new, unexpected, and even unlikely friendships can enrich my life.



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