Please, Wake Up

Martha Lueck
2 min readNov 7, 2023





You are paralyzed and drowning

under feelings that are too deep to acknowledge and understand

Unable to discern sadness from anger,

anger from worry,

the rational from the irrational,

and the mind from the heart.

You’re existing to exist, but not to live.

You’re wondering how much longer things will be like this…

But wait…

There is an end to the longest of nights.

There is a moment of clarity awakening…

A second-long breath turns into a rhythmic sequence

of inhales and exhales, signifying the relief that life brings.

Words start to make sense, lighting up the fake shadows.

A dream of death is now buried under the subconscious.

That’s where it will stay while you arise from the wake,

saying good night to your nightmares and good morning to reality

when you remember that…beyond the worry and despair, there will be beauty and relief.

Pleasant daydreams will bring meaning to your present existence.

Eventually, they will awaken the hope for a life full of only warmth and respect.






Wake up



Wake up

Try to believe

that there’s a reason to keep going.

Wake up

to the possibility

that life will be

better than it currently seems.

Wake up.

Please…wake up

to at least daydream.

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