Songs That Boost My Mood

Listening to the right music improves my mental health! Here are some of my go-to songs when I need a lift.

Martha Lueck
6 min readJun 14, 2021


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Have you ever noticed how a certain beat or a line from a song changes your mood? I notice this every time I listen to music!

In high school, I struggled with anxiety and depression. Three things that helped me cope included my faith, writing, and music.

Since I still love all of these things so much, I will share various songs and lines that currently help me overcome challenges. I have broken this article into two parts: popular songs, and pieces that deserve more recognition. Sit back, and enjoy the music!

Part 1: Current (and Old) Popular Songs

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd (2020)

This first song I’m sharing with you doesn’t energize me from the lyrics. Instead, it’s the catchy beat that has me playing it on repeat! The 80s feel seems effortless. While the lyrics are a bit depressing, the beat transports my mind to a more relaxed time. No, I wasn’t born in the 80s. I haven’t lived them. But being distracted from the present and having an urge to dance shamelessly in public helps my worries fade away!

“Look, Ma! I Made It!” by Panic! At the Disco (2018)

I enjoyed listening to Panic! At the Disco since they first became popular in 2006. “Look, Ma! I Made It!” is one of their newest songs. It is the type of song that I really wish had been popular when I graduated from college. While it’s hard to feel hopeful some days, this song reminds me of past accomplishments. I know that the best is yet to come.



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