Stop Cracking Eggs on Your Children’s Heads

Here are my views on a ridiculous TikTok trend.

Martha Lueck


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First off, let me preface this by saying that I am not a parent. So who am I to tell you how to raise your children? And I, too, have been guilty of laughing at children’s reactions to humorous TikTok trends.

So maybe I am out of bounds for seeing the egg crack challenge as “toxic or detrimental.” Maybe I’m overreacting. But in any case, I want to give my two cents on the issue.

What to Know about the Egg Crack Challenge

If you don’t watch TikTok videos, you might be wondering what this trend is all about. In a nutshell, parents crack eggs on their children’s heads as hard as they can to see their reactions. Some of these children are as young as 1 or 2 years old.

Now that I have broken down the trend for you, here are the reasons I hate it.

Some of the children cried.

Upon hearing about the challenge, I just thought it sounded stupid. But I watched a video, anyway. One video included a little boy who was excited to bake a cake with his mom. Out of nowhere, his mom hit an egg on his head. The boy’s expression instantly changed from pure joy to agony. After he whimpered “That hurt,” his mom laughed and apologized. But she then continued to hit him until the egg cracked.

Some of the children are more mature than adults.

Okay, I chuckled at this video a little bit. After one of the ladies hit the girl in the head, the girl whined and then hit her back to teach her a lesson.

Of course, after thinking about that video, I realized it wasn’t very funny. It was pretty sad that a little girl had to teach the adults that hitting is “not very nice.”

Adults take away the power of consent.

This point relates to the previous one. But it’s worth reiterating. Decent human beings should know that “No means no.” Unexpectedly hitting a child’s head may seem like a simple surprise, but it’s more than that. It sends the message that people do not need permission to harm one another.



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