The Benefits of the YouVersion Bible App

Martha Lueck
7 min readJul 26, 2021

Do you want to improve your relationship with Jesus? If so, check out the YouVersion Bible app. It has many features to help you grow in faith.

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In 2015, I realized that I had not been making Jesus a priority in my life. Yes, I went to church every Sunday. But I needed something that would remind me to spend time with Him during the week. That was the only way I would be able to work on my relationship with Him. When I heard about the app called YouVersion and all its wonderful features, I downloaded it on my phone and found that it really was as cool as my friends told me it was! Continue reading this article to learn about all the benefits of the YouVersion app!

YouVersion Allows You to Stay in Community with Other Christians

Here is the iPhone view of the “Friends” feature on my profile.

While reading the Bible is crucial to learn about Jesus, having a solid Christian community is essential too. At a time like this when churches have closed their doors, it is more important than ever to encourage each other through technology. The Bible app allows you to do that by connecting with friends near and far!

On the YouVersion app, you can start adding friends from your phone contacts and social media! YouVersion allows you to see what your friends have been up to and what their favorite verses are. You will see when a friend comments on a Bible verse, creates a verse image, starts and ends a devotional plan, and posts a prayer request.

Use the “Suggested Friends” feature to reconnect with old friends!

As you add more friends, the app generates friend suggestions and adds your profile to other people’s suggestion lists. Don’t worry, though. The activity on your profile remains private from viewers until you accept their requests. On your friend suggestions list, you will see whether you have mutual friends. If you have mutual friends, the unknown requester is probably safe to accept. You can always block this person if you change your mind.



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