Three Micro-Fiction Stories

Martha Lueck
2 min readMay 4, 2022

A few weeks ago, I found several poems and stories that I wrote in high school. Like many writers who read work they have written in their youth, I thought to myself, This is terrible. The poems did not flow well, and the stories do not make sense. In spite of this, some of the themes still interested me. So I used a few ideas from old work to write four short stories, each one between 50 and 100 words. Enjoy!

A Toast to Blood

Meg sits on her porch, enjoying the warm summer air. Then three mosquitos leap upon her leg, like toddlers banging on a toy xylophone. The mosquitos dig into her flesh. Meg’s skin swells red puffy bubbles. As Meg runs inside her house, the mosquitos laugh and toast to blood.

Everybody Wins

The high school Halloween party fell on a Friday . It was the same day Kim had to babysit her ten-year-old brother Jake. Since their parents would be going out of town, Kim couldn’t get out of her obligation.

So she took Jake trick-or-treating, and then he went to the party with her. While she partied, Jake played with the other teenagers’ siblings. Kim maintained her social status; Jake received candy and made friends.

A Mother’s Stressful Day

It had been a terrible day for Lisa. First, her car broke down. Then her boss yelled at her for arriving to work an hour late. Three hours later, Lisa left work early to pick Alex up from daycare after he threw toys at a little girl. During a trip to the convenience store in the evening, Alex screamed because Lisa wouldn’t let him get a bouncy ball. Lisa sighed in defeat, putting the ball in the cart to appease Alex. Finally, at 9 p.m., Lisa can enjoy some peace and quiet.

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